Here’s what other’s had to say about attending The Path to Profit:

“Minette hit it out of the park at the Path to Profit workshop! There was a wealth of great information and tools to help me succeed in my business. She shares honestly, is very perceptive and teaches with authority. The Path to Profit workshop is the best workshop I have ever attended.” – Joanna Reyes Owner/Creative Director Chic-a

“Minette Riordan’s “Path To Profit” seminar has been a real light bulb moment for me in crafting the direction and seeing the potential of my small business. Her approach gently—and colorfully—helped me weave past the “shiny objects” that distract me from my goals in order to aim at what actually matters in my business with a laser focus. At this seminar I met many interesting people at similar crossroads in their business paths, and I’ve come away with my own colorful tailored business plan to keep on hand, along with many ideas to reinforce it for the coming year.” —Kimberly Michael – Director, Studio Grapheme

“If you are a creative entrepreneur, I highly highly recommend attending Minette Riordan’s Path to Profit Summit. She is so generous with her strategies and content and has a unique gift to deliver it in a way that is fun, engaging and transformational! I walked away with so much more clarity and a concrete action plan, as well as moved through some core inner blocks, all the while having fun and connecting with other inspiring entrepreneurs. Thank you Minette,  you are amazing.” – Jennifer Gilchrist Transformational Leadership Mentor www.Jennifer-Gilchrist.com

“I have been to many events and workshops over the 20 years I’ve been in business but, I’ve never attended anything like the ‘Path to Profit’ workshop. Often when attending events they are a trifle chaotic to say the least and, the audience receives so much information you walk away with your head spinning. However, it was not this way with Minette! Even though we were working with Minette’s process, the three days seemed to flow with calm and peace plus I met some very interesting people and we also had fun. I had never met Minette before and to meet someone who is so authentic, honest and caring is quite unusual in the business world. With her information, tools, guidance and creativity, even though I’m starting my business life all over again at 74, I now feel more than ever, that I can create a successful business with a better understanding of who I am and how to achieve it.” Hazel Palache – www.YourStairwayToWealth.com

“The Path to Profit was a unique, peak 3 day event EXPERIENCE. My inner child got super duper excited the minute I looked into the bright yellow swag bag with turquoise tissue paper. In it were treasures! A box of 24 crayons! A beautiful doodle journal and a gorgeous workbook/coloring book! And when I saw the huge bucket of color markers in the center of the table my heart leapt with excitement! Finally a business training that my inner child was invited to participate in. As a result, I left the training full but not overwhelmed and inspired to jump into action rather than overly stimulated and exhausted. So much care and thought was put into the event to help us get the most out of the abundance of information- i.e. we were able to integrate the powerful teachings with visualizations, art, collage, dance, abundant Q&A and partner sharing. Minette was super generous and gave a TON of incredibly useful information and a unique temperament typing system to understand ourselves and our clients to be the most effective in our sales conversations. Super fun and friendly approach to business. When my inner child is happy- my business is happy!! Thank you soooooo much Minette for sharing your brilliance with us!”  – Michelle White Hart

“Minette has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she seems delighted to share with others. Her enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and generosity made this training a joy. Thanks to this training, I now feel confident as I begin to plan and build the new business of my dreams.” – Sheila Hatcher

“This was my first time meeting Minette. I found her to be extremely warm, considerate, and heart centered. She created a safe space for us to share things that aren’t easy to talk about – like money – in front of others. Minette shared a ton of helpful information. Plus, all the other participants were pretty amazing, too. All in all, the Path to Profit was a great event from start to finish.” – Catherine Clancy

“Minette’s Path to Profit workshop was extremely impactful! I learned so much. The content was very relevant to what i needed to learn in order to develop my business and take it to the next level! The information was invaluable, a must for entrepreneurs.” – Malena Otero

“Minette truly understands creative people. She made me want to do the math to figure out my hourly cost of doing business. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was doing math with colorful markers, but it worked. She has such a beautiful way of speaking to each person in the room and getting on their level of where they are struggling in their business and the easy steps we all can take to achieve greater profits. She is the kindest soul and I am so happy to have her as my guide, my power partner, and my friend.” – Emily Solomon, Founder, Go-Content