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Welcome to the home of Structure and Flow: The Productivity Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs. As couplepreneurs the two of us are so excited to create this together and show our passion for helping creative entrepreneurs.

Structure & Flow is the go-to podcast for artists, writers, photographers, designers, freelancers and other creative business owners looking for productivity tips, time management hacks, business systems, and better creative habits. We’re Creative Entrepreneurs ourselves and we understand, deeply, what it takes to get more done in your business AND make more Art. We also know what it’s like to be overwhelmed, unclear, and exhausted! We believe that doing more and working harder is not the solution to your productivity challenges. We believe in more creativity, more fun, and more profit!

Weekly, we share our personal stories and have engaging discussions and interviews on the topics of Productivity, Time Management, and Creativity. We have some great guests coming up!

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Episode 119: How Mindfulness Helps Productivity

How do we bring more mindfulness, purpose, and ultimately more productivity into our creative businesses? That is the question Brad and I are exploring today. If you’re just now tuning in, we’re in the midst of exploring aspects of our life that can influence and improve productivity in ways you may not immediately think about… It’s about bringing ...

Episode 118: How You Can Manage Your Workflow to Improve Productivity

We’re always playing with that tension between structure and flow, so that we can bring the best of our findings to you – our beloved, creative community. Today we’re sharing how you can manage your workflow to improve creative productivity. How do we allow for more creative breakthroughs to emerge? Think of it literally as work flowing ...

Episode 117: The Confident Productive Expert with M. Shannon Hernandez

Our confident productive special guest today really kind of rocked my world the last couple of months … Don’t you love it when you those chance encounters occur, typically when you’re least expecting it? So much fun since we met in Denver, this brilliant content marketing strategist and expert, Shannon Hernandez, is joining us for an ...

Episode 116: Is Your Morning Routine Setting You Up for Success?

You know how it goes … you wake up and reach for your phone … you wander around the house drinking coffee while you surf Facebook becoming increasingly agitated. You check your email and it’s a disaster … unfinished business from yesterday, more went wrong overnight. You vaguely remember eating some cereal. Now it’s time to get something ...

Episode 115: 5 Reasons Why Creative Entrepreneurs Procrastinate

If you are anything like us you have daily struggles with procrastination. We see it every day in our own work as creative business owners and it’s one of the top problems our clients share with us. There are always opportunities to procrastinate: maybe it’s that great idea you keep putting off, maybe it’s just ...

Episode 114: 3 Benefits of Living a Well-Structured Life

Well-Structured Life
As a creative business owner, a well-structured life for me is one that’s full of meaning and purpose – not just consistency, deadlines, and goals. All are useful and valuable, but only within the context of doing work that you love and that’s on purpose for you. If some of these foundational structures aren’t in place, ...

Episode 113: 3 Effective Ways to Use Technology to Improve Communication with Your Team and Boost Productivity

During my 17 years of being self-employed, I’ve had a fair amount of communication wins and mishaps. And in the last 6 years, my wonderful husband Brad, has been working beside me at home, so we’ve learned even more about communication during this time. Would you consider a few questions that have helped us in ...

Episode 112: 3 Reasons to Use Timelines to Improve Productivity

We’re excited to be really geeking out today… getting a little focused on one particular tactic that we use in our business on a regular basis to keep us organized and productive. Timelines. What are they and how do they improve productivity? To me, timelines give you a visual representation of the journey to get you to the ...

Episode 110: 7 Ways to Improve Focus at Work

improve focus
Woo hoo! This is part nine of our Nine Pillars of Productivity series, which is our longest series ever in the history of Structure & Flow. Doing happy chair dances… ? Today we’ll be sharing 7 Ways to Improve Focus at Work, especially when you work from home. If you’d like to review the previous eight ...

Episode 109: To-Do Lists, Productivity Apps and Getting Things Done, Oh My!

What’s the difference between your to-do list and your task list? Are you tracking your tasks as well as your time? Today in pillar eight of our Nine Pillars of Productivity series, we’re talking about the business tools that we use to keep us on task and on track. Last episode, we showed you how to ...


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Who are your hosts for Structure & Flow?

Dr. Minette Riordan is an award-winning entrepreneur with 17 years experience in media, marketing and sales. She is a lover of art, poetry and mythology and a complete geek who digs discussing how businesses work. One of her core values is continuous improvement; she is a seeker, wanderer, and adventurer who loves dragons and coffee. Most days you can find her supporting her creative clients to build profitable businesses. And on other days you can find her in her art studio covered in paint. Brad Dobson is a co-founder of the Path to Profit Academy, and husband of Minette Riordan. He handles all the techy stuff and shares parenting duties. He is a 2-time marathon and 3-time Ironman finisher and for some reason enjoys endurance athletics. After 25 years in the software industry, he quit his job to become an entrepreneur alongside Minette.