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Welcome to the home of Structure and Flow: The Productivity Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs. As couplepreneurs the two of us are so excited to create this together and show our passion for helping creative entrepreneurs.

Structure & Flow is the go-to podcast for artists, writers, photographers, designers, freelancers and other creative business owners looking for productivity tips, time management hacks, business systems, and better creative habits. We’re Creative Entrepreneurs ourselves and we understand, deeply, what it takes to get more done in your business AND make more Art. We also know what it’s like to be overwhelmed, unclear, and exhausted! We believe that doing more and working harder is not the solution to your productivity challenges. We believe in more creativity, more fun, and more profit!

Weekly, we share our personal stories and have engaging discussions and interviews on the topics of Productivity, Time Management, and Creativity. We have some great guests coming up!

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Episode 105: Alan Brown’s Creative Strategy for Organizing Your Work Week

Our podcast guest, Alan Brown, is the Founder of Crusher TV and grew up undiagnosed with ADHD. Without solid study habits, he ended up engaging in high-risk behaviors such as dealing drugs to pay for college education and becoming a drug addict. Alan finally graduated with a B.S. in Economics after 10 years and cleaned up to ...

Episode 104: Want to Increase Productivity Fast? Do This 1 Thing!

Eek, oftentimes it can feel challenging to ask for support! Why is that? We all know the sense of relief that occurs when others are glad to support our requests. This is the 4th pillar in our 9 Pillars of Productivity series. Sometimes it feels like asking for help makes us appear weak or stupid, we ...

Episode 103: Setting Clear Boundaries Can Boost Your Productivity

Are you managing your tasks? Is your to-do list too long? Are your expectations of yourself too high? Are you putting boundaries on the amount of work that you’re physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of doing, in a period of time? I hear over and over from our clients that they’re underestimating how much time it actually takes to ...

Episode 102: Your Most Valuable Resource for Improving Productivity

What high-performing athletes can teach us about our most valuable resource for improving productivity. We’re excited to share about pillar number two of the nine pillars of productivity today. If you missed pillar number one: environment, then go back and watch it AFTER today’s episode. How often do we focus on refining time management skills ...

Episode 101: How to Protect Your Intellectual Property as a Creative Entrepreneur with Michael Prywes

Our podcast guest today, Michael Prywes, is an artist, an attorney, a creative author of a book called The Gasp, which you’re gonna hear more about, host of the How I Broke Into podcast where he takes a deep dive into big breaks of successful people, and he’s had some pretty freaking cool guests on ...

Episode 100: The 9 Pillars of Productivity Part 1: Environment

Whoo hoo! We made it to our 100th podcast episode! Now that is something to truly celebrate 🙂 We’d like to introduce you to one of the nine key areas that connects to your unique productivity style: environment. The key areas include: environment, energy, boundaries, support, goal setting, planning, systems, tasks, and focus. I think many ...

Episode 99: Using Focus Blocks to Get Your Productivity Back On Track

Creative Productivity
Hi, my name is Brad and I’m addicted to distraction in today’s modern-day tech world. Hi Brad, welcome, we’re glad you’re here! So, I’ve built up a lot of bad habits and over the last couple of years working for myself, or for ourselves, that was just eating my shorts, in terms of actually getting creative productivity ...

Episode 98: Discover Your Unique Productivity Style Part 4 – The Creator

This is the last episode in our 4 part series on productivity styles where we introduce… drum roll, please! The Creator. If you’d like to learn about the previous productivity styles, then you can always find them here: the Commander (part 1), the Contemplator (part 2), the Conductor (part 3). Introducing the Creator: Gifts & Challenges: The Creator ...

Episode 97: Discover Your Unique Productivity Style Part 3 – The Conductor

In the 3rd episode our 4 part series on productivity styles we introduce The Conductor. If you’re just starting with this episode, you’ll probably want to jump back to parts 1 and 2 – the Commander and the Contemplator – to get the full picture. Introducing the Conductor: Gifts & Challenges As the Conductor you are passionate about bringing ...

Episode 96: Discover Your Unique Productivity Style Part 2 – The Contemplator

This is the 2nd in our 4 part series on productivity styles. In the last episode, we talked about the Commander. Maybe you see some of yourself in that style? Or perhaps you will identify more with the Contemplator. Why are we so passionate about this topic? Our own struggles Our client’s struggles Over these episodes, we want to share with you ...


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Who are your hosts for Structure & Flow?

Dr. Minette Riordan is an award-winning entrepreneur with 17 years experience in media, marketing and sales. She is a lover of art, poetry and mythology and a complete geek who digs discussing how businesses work. One of her core values is continuous improvement; she is a seeker, wanderer, and adventurer who loves dragons and coffee. Most days you can find her supporting her creative clients to build profitable businesses. And on other days you can find her in her art studio covered in paint. Brad Dobson is a co-founder of the Path to Profit Academy, and husband of Minette Riordan. He handles all the techy stuff and shares parenting duties. He is a 2-time marathon and 2-time Ironman finisher and for some reason enjoys endurance athletics. After 25 years in the software industry, he quit his job to become an entrepreneur alongside Minette.