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6 Reasons to Write for Your Business: How to go from Getting Started to Getting Your Writing I love to write but I know it’s not always as easy for others as Brad, my husband likes to remind me. And yet writing is often at the core of what we […]

6 Reasons to Write for Your Business

Episode 53- Lead Magnets and Year 2
In this episode – once we get past the giddiness – we take a look at Lead Magnets and free opt-ins. We’ve floated quite a number of these over the last year and a half and we share some of our experiences and those of our clients. Brad gets a […]

Episode 53: Lead Magnets and Year 2

Episode 52- Wendy Darling
  Wendy Darling is a longtime friend of Minette’s from another lifetime, yet in many ways their stories are similar. There are some fun tweetables from this interview: ‘Situational Extrovert’ and ‘Relationship Quotient’ are just a couple. Minette and I both love her perspective on self-care and relationships, as well […]

Episode 52: Wendy Darling

Business plans don’t have to be complicated! In fact they can be creative, colorful and playful with all the information you need to know presented on one beautiful page you can hang on your wall. In my post last week, I shared a list of 21 questions you need to […]

Create a Visual Business Plan for Your Creative Business

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I learned the hard way that what Eleanor Roosevelt said is too true: “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” I’m really good at wishing. Are you? In today’s post I want to share a series of questions with you that I share with each […]

Starting a Business? 21 Things You Need to Know First

Episode 51- Over-creating
We’re back with another hostful episode and this time we dig into our own problems with creating too much and not reusing and repurposing existing content. We had a recent example where we made the decision to create a whole live webinar campaign during an already busy month but backed […]

Episode 51: Over-creating

Help, I need somebody … Help, not just anybody … Help! You know I need someone … Help! As a creative entrepreneur, you may have so many juicy and inspiring ideas that it can be difficult to get organized. I get it … being in your flow is an incredible […]

5 Ways You Know You are Ready to Try Outsourcing

Episode 50- Tiffany Scott
Our talk with Tiffany went from Australia to America, budgie smugglers to speedos, all the way through empowering women! Super-cool to talk with someone who knows about branding and building communities. Minette and I both hit it off with Tiffany Minette’s Graphical Notes Bio Tiffany has always been driven to […]

Episode 50: Tiffany Scott

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I was first introduced to a “Best Of” or “Indoctrination” autoresponder sequence of emails by Digital Marketer. You can see their great Welcome Email Template post for a breakdown of all the pieces and how to structure individual emails. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, a “Best Of” autoresponder […]

3 Ways that Best Of emails Help Your New Subscribers

Episode 49- Shannon Ward
Do you struggle with sales? Is sales difficult and feels icky? What if sales was an act of Love? This week Minette and Brad interview their own sales coach, Shannon Ward. She sets us straight on how when we treat sales with compassion and use it to find an alignment between […]

Episode 49: Shannon Ward