Episode 27_ Time Management and Systems 2
Minette loves teaching time management and Brad loves systems: that makes us both business nerds in our own right We cover lots of ground here including planners, your Big 6, mind mapping, creating repeatable procedures and systems in your business, zone of genius. We both agree that you will have […]

Episode 27: Time Management and Systems

52961686 - aiming for a high target
Goal setting is one of the best ways to get ahead in life – but only if you’re setting your goals effectively! Are you trying for unattainable goals that you aren’t really passionate about? Do you quickly give up on your goals? It can be easy to get discouraged, but […]

5 Ways to Achieve the Goals that Matter

Episode 26_ Vision, Mission, and Core Values
In our first episode of the Path to Profit Podcast of 2017 we take the time to review and talk about our own Vision, Mission, and Core Values, and how defining those helped our business. We think this is super-important – do it! Knowing and stating your Vision, Mission, and […]

Episode 26: Vision, Mission, and Core Values

48840123 - new years resolutions eat healthy, lose weight and join gym written in notebook, fresh fruits, dumbbells for fitness and tape measure, healthy lifestyle
It’s been a long time since I set official New Year’s Goals or Resolutions. For a while I called them Intentions but I found I still didn’t focus on them. I think from now on I will call them New Year’s Commitments! In the past, I would make dozens of […]

Why we fail to follow through on New Year’s Goals ...

Episode 25_ Whitney Freya
OK, Minette was already a Whitney Freya fangirl … between her visiting us in Santa Barbara while on a paragliding trip (!) and this interview I’ve joined the fanclub as well. Whitney successfully integrates Art, Spirituality, and Business and it was a blast talking to her about that. We talked […]

Episode 25: Whitney Freya

mindmap-sample 2
Mind mapping is a great tool you can use to improve the flow of information in your life and to create marketing magic. It helps you to identify key concepts and topics to create content for your blog and social media platforms. Mind maps structure information in a way that […]

Use Mind Mapping to Create Marketing Magic

Episode 24_ Dr. Axel Meierhoefer
We both enjoyed Axel’s Diamond Formation Leadership model combining Globalization, Team Building, Cultural Sensitivity and Collaboration. I especially appreciated how the cultural sensitivity shows leaders how to not just ‘avoid stepping on another culture’s toes’ but to jump to the level of ‘understand and embrace cultural differences as a strength’, […]

Episode 24: Dr. Axel Meierhoefer

56352122 - old book with dollars bookmark and  glasses
Do you remember this movie with Tom Cruise? Have you ever had a client make you feel like this? Have you ever felt both as desperate and as passionate about your business as Jerry Maguire? Do you ever think about how your relationship with money is impacting your life and […]

Show Me the Money! Transform Your Family Money Legacy

Episode 23_ Tina Greenbaum
Very cool interview with Tina Greenbaum – she successfully integrates neuroscience and spirituality to help people perform better whether in business or in sport. We covered – Importance of preparation – Common knowledge but not common practice – Start training when you are not under pressure – Four quadrants: Mind […]

Episode 23: Tina Greenbaum

53493231 - pop art eyes with look at me typography
Do you get frustrated with your marketing? Do you feel like you are investing time and money and not seeing a return on your investment with new clients? I have been teaching marketing to coaches and small business owners for 10 years and I have been an entrepreneur for 15, […]

Fix this 1 mistake to attract more clients