This week’s episode is with Brian Piergrossi, who helps people become more loving, intimate, and connected. We really enjoyed talking to Brian about how his journey of self-discovery guided his life and his entrepreneurship. Fun talk about authenticity and how important that is to business. Visual Notes   Bio […]

Episode 61: Brian Piergrossi

Creative entrepreneurs don’t lack ideas. We live in that creative thinking space Dr. Seuss describes in the quote above. I am always thinking up ideas, aren’t you? But how do you know if your business idea is a good one? First, I’m not sure who gets to decide if an […]

How Do You Know if Your Business Idea is a ...

Tony Wilkins returns to the Path to Profit Podcast for another fun talk about Creativity, Service, and Business. Tony is a great example of someone who knows how to integrate his creative skills with his business acumen, and that is all wrapped up in a service-first attitude towards networking. There […]

Episode 60: Tony Wilkins

Do you ever get that feeling if a new concept, idea or image shows up in your awareness three times then you should pay attention? Well, the Law of Reciprocity has been showing up everywhere in my awareness the past few days. What is the Law of Reciprocity? I like […]

How the Law of Reciprocity Impacts your Business

So .. we had so much fun talking to Bernadette! We think that sometimes the folks doing accounting don’t get enough love for the critical function they provide in our business. Bernadette L. Harris gave us so much great information, especially her “3 S’s” for a successful business. She not […]

Episode 59: Bernadette L. Harris

fill your event
Let’s Fill Your Event Guest post from expert Robin Wolfskill Hi readers – I hear this question a lot and as a workshop leader I have asked it myself. How do you fill your live events. So I invited Robin to answer the question and I love her practical responses. […]

Let’s Fill Your Event

Marketing geek-out alert! Kristin Taylor has a ton of experience in the world of marketing and we talk about all sorts of tactics and strategies that apply to solopreneurs just as much as to larger companies. Marketing on LinkedIn? Brochures? Print? Social Media? Email? Yeah, all those things and more. […]

Episode 58: Kristin Taylor

We’re a little giddy and silly in this hostful episode: we recorded it just before vacation 🙂 But this one’s dear to our hearts as we talk about attending live events. Both Brad and Minette have had tremendous success learning and interacting with other people in the industry at industry […]

Episode 57: 3 Reasons to Attend Live Events to Grow ...

Are you in the dream stages of wanting to start a creative business? It’s easy to get excited and start focusing on clients, marketing and sales. Before you can focus on your marketing and sales, it’s important to create a strong financial foundation for your startup business. This process can […]

Financial Checklist for Startups: Start your Business with the Right ...

Authenticity! You need it. We need it. Everyone needs it. Norma Hollis can teach us to get in contact with ourselves to recognize and support our own authentic selves in the world. Such a fun interview, and it had Brad doing lots of introspection. Norma’s perspective on this topic and […]

Episode 56: Norma Hollis