Episode 38_ Cindy Schulson
Fun, fun interview with Cindy Schulson – another Canadian like Brad Cindy helps people bring their message to life, getting them past just plain logic and into the mode of weaving their Heart into it. We talked a lot about how our message can evolve as our lives change, and […]

Episode 38: Cindy Schulson

make difficult decision 2
6 Steps to Make Difficult Decisions Quickly: Try The 6 Hats Technique First, let me say that I love hats and I wish I had more opportunities to wear fun, glamorous hats. Hats can definitely inspire creativity in more ways than one but the hats I am talking about today […]

6 Steps to Make Difficult Decisions Quickly

Episode 37_ Are you a Mentor, Maker, or a Maverick_
We have a fun discussion about our newest Quiz: What’s your Creative Business Archetype? We dive fairly deep into business models that support each different archetype whether it’s Mentor, Maker, or Maverick. Finding out your creative business archetype along with a matching business model can be a game-changer! We get […]

Episode 37: Are you a Mentor, Maker, or a Maverick?

41506649 - education concept as a diverse community of children working together in friendship drawing connected gears and cog wheels with chalk as a symbol for the success of learning with a school program. 1
This is the first post in Brad’s Business Systems blog series, where we will connect creativity and business processes. We’ll show you our own processes, what’s working and what’s not, and give you advice and templates you can put to right to work. I get it: you’re resistant In your […]

I’m a Creative, Why on Earth do I want Structure ...

Episode 36- Sean Stewart (1)
  OK, let’s just start with the fact that Sean is really cool He raps, he’s a new dad, he gets up on stage and helps people transform themselves so that they can bring more authenticity to their sales. We had a lot of fun talking to Sean: so much […]

Episode 36: Sean Stewart

woman meditation when life gets busy 1
7 Tips for Keeping your Mind Clear When Life Gets Busy Wow, I cannot believe it’s March already. Where has the year gone? This is such an important time to refresh, regroup and revisit your goals. In this post I will share my best strategies for keeping a clear mind […]

7 Tips for When Life Gets Busy

Episode 35- Rebecca Hall Gruyter (2)
Rebecca Hall Gruyter knows how to be visible: just take a look at what she’s doing in Radio and Television. She provides some real-world advice for simple, safe ways to dip your toe into the pond of speaking like calling in to live VoiceAmerica shows (they want to hear from […]

Episode 35: Rebecca Hall Gruyter

maker business archetype
Are you building the right type of business model for your creative business archetype? I’ve been thinking a lot recently about business models and how easy it can be to get overwhelmed by all the options we creative entrepreneurs have to make money in the global marketplace. The challenge for […]

Discover your Creative Business Archetype

Episode 34- Nicole Lewis-Keeber
Minette and Brad had a blast talking about money mindset coaching with Nicole and she gave us a whole bunch of tweetables “Money is appreciation”, “Does your business love you back?”, “Make some damn money!”. Nicole has a deep knowledge of money mindset issues, especially for women, and that is […]

Episode 34: Nicole Lewis-Keeber

bright shiny idea syndrome
  Struggling with Bright Shiny Idea Syndrome? Creative entrepreneurs never lack ideas about what to create next. Sometimes that is a really good thing and sometimes it can be a challenge. In today’s post I want to share how to turn your bright shiny idea syndrome into one of your […]

Struggling with Bright Shiny Idea Syndrome?