Episode 46- Petra Mayer 2
Minette and I love the way Petra helps people build their online programs: by first asking them about their ideal clients, their learning styles and their learning blind spots, and how to engage people according to their learning style. We had an in depth discussion about the ins and outs […]

Episode 46: Petra Mayer

Episode 45- Demystifying Sales Funnels
  This week it’s just Brad and Minette and we’re jumping into sales funnels, conversions, micro-commitments, dating advice, and more! We talk about Digital Marketer‘s approach to sales funnels and how they are like the dating process. We share an artful technique for visualizing your customer’s journey by drawing a […]

Episode 45: Demystifying Sales Funnels

light bulb moment
Has this ever happened to you? You are going along, going along and suddenly… you have one of those lightbulb moments where everything gets clearer… there are still some shadows around the edges but your new realization changes everything! This is how I felt when I discovered that I was […]

Overcoming My “Just Enough Money” Mindset

reset your mindset 4
After 15 years as an entrepreneur I have discovered one key difference between successful creative entrepreneurs and the ones who continue to struggle year after year. The biggest difference I see is their MINDSET. Dictionary.com defines “mindset” as: A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to […]

Reset Your Mindset for Success in 3 Easy Steps

Episode 44- Elizabeth Bachman
  How does being an Opera Director relate to inspiring others? It turns out much of it is the same! Great interview with Elizabeth Bachman on how she teaches others to speak from the stage and connect with their audience. Takeaways include get out of your head and make it […]

Episode 44: Elizabeth Bachman

Speaking leads 2
If I had a dollar for every lead we missed last year when Minette was speaking because we didn’t have systems in place … Here’s the litany of mistakes and weaknesses in our strategy for collecting and engaging new speaking leads. Failed to immediately get speaking event contact forms uploaded […]

3 Simple Systems for Engaging New Speaking Leads

Episode 43- Deep Work
We had fun together in this hostful episode about Deep Work. Both of us were really into Cal Newport’s book Deep Work and it has had quite an impact on how we approach our business work. We both recommend this book as a must-read! As knowledge workers, bringing Focus, Intention, […]

Episode 43: Deep Work

Episode 42- Dr. Emily Letran
Dr. Emily Letran has such a great entrepreneurial and life story. Its one of hard work, overcoming obstacles, giving back, and living with intention: we love her message and the example she provides. From escaping Vietnam as a child to creating a successful dental practice and now as a high […]

Episode 42: Dr. Emily Letran

Episode 41- Audra Grady
  Audra Grady wants us, especially leaders, to lay in the grass and dig our fingers into the dirt. Her thoughts on having us be mindful of the Earth when we make business decisions are fascinating, important, and really got our Buddhist bells ringing This was such a fun interview. […]

Episode 41: Audra Grady

55970849 - businessman drawing profits concept with a marker 1
“I want to make MONEY!” No, you don’t … you want to make PROFITS. “No you don’t understand, I want this business to make a million dollars.” Not at 1% profit margin you don’t. That’s $10,000. You’ll be a thousandaire with a cash flow problem and an overwhelming amount of […]

Simple Systems to Create Profit First