Episode 50- Tiffany Scott
Our talk with Tiffany went from Australia to America, budgie smugglers to speedos, all the way through empowering women! Super-cool to talk with someone who knows about branding and building communities. Minette and I both hit it off with Tiffany Minette’s Graphical Notes Bio Tiffany has always been driven to […]

Episode 50: Tiffany Scott

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I was first introduced to a “Best Of” or “Indoctrination” autoresponder sequence of emails by Digital Marketer. You can see their great Welcome Email Template post for a breakdown of all the pieces and how to structure individual emails. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, a “Best Of” autoresponder […]

3 Ways that Best Of emails Help Your New Subscribers

Episode 49- Shannon Ward
Do you struggle with sales? Is sales difficult and feels icky? What if sales was an act of Love? This week Minette and Brad interview their own sales coach, Shannon Ward. She sets us straight on how when we treat sales with compassion and use it to find an alignment between […]

Episode 49: Shannon Ward

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I hear over and over from my clients, “I don’t know what to say on my blog, social media, newsletter, etc.” I thought it would be useful to share 5 blog post ideas to jump start your creative writing process. Blogging and content creation, in general, are still powerful marketing […]

5 Blog Post Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs

Episode 48- Stormy Rose
Got Maximizer? Maybe you’re a little Achiever? In this episode with Stormy Rose we get into the StrengthsFinder assessment, her personal journey out of an accident that put her in a coma, rock-climbing, and more. We loved talking with Stormy and loved her focus on Strengths in a world where we […]

Episode 48: Stormy Rose

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Sunday May 21, I spent the day in prison. I was fortunate enough to attend a Tedx event hosted at Donovan Correctional near San Diego, CA. And what I saw, heard and experienced resonated with me deeply. My own core values were reflected back to me over and over again […]

What I learned in Prison

Episode 47- WendyY Bailey 2
Super-fun talk with WendyY Bailey about her book, no more grinding, a story about sharpening the saw from Steven Covey, becoming a workhorse, mindset, playing bigger now. In WendyY’s words, “Mindset is everything”. Minette has been having fun with visual note-taking: here are her notes from the recording   Bio […]

Episode 47: WendyY Bailey

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At the Path to Profit Academy we use (and coach our clients to use!) Editorial and Promotional planning calendars as part of everyday business. Creating and following these systems in your business is a fantastic way to: Organize the content – email newsletters, podcasts, blog posts, social media posts, etc. – […]

7 Ways We Stay Ahead Of The Game With Editorial ...

Episode 46- Petra Mayer 2
Minette and I love the way Petra helps people build their online programs: by first asking them about their ideal clients, their learning styles and their learning blind spots, and how to engage people according to their learning style. We had an in depth discussion about the ins and outs […]

Episode 46: Petra Mayer

Episode 45- Demystifying Sales Funnels
This week it’s just Brad and Minette and we’re jumping into sales funnels, conversions, micro-commitments, dating advice, and more! We talk about Digital Marketer‘s approach to sales funnels and how they are like the dating process. We share an artful technique for visualizing your customer’s journey by drawing a BIG […]

Episode 45: Demystifying Sales Funnels