strategies to overcome procrastination 2
3 proven strategies to overcome procrastination I find that most creative entrepreneurs struggle with procrastination, me included. There are many reasons but also some proven cures. Here are 3 proven strategies for overcoming procrastination. The first one is the most challenging but also the most valuable. I have been on […]

3 proven strategies to overcome procrastination

Episode 32- Jill Lublin
Kindness? Who cares about Kindness these days? Jill Lublin, author of “Profit of Kindness”, does, and so do we. In Jill’s words, “Kindness is the new Respect” and “We should practice conscious acts of kindness” every day, not just random ones. Minette and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Jill about […]

Episode 32: Jill Lublin

Episode 31- Jeannie Spiro
It’s not surprising that Jeannie Spiro was a good interviewee: she teaches people how to be better speakers. We had fun and got great insights into creating and delivering a Signature Talk. Jeannie says “People need to hear part of themself in your story” and we couldn’t agree more: that’s […]

Episode 31: Jeannie Spiro

Self sabotaging behaviors 1
Self-Sabotaging Behaviors That Impact your Income We all do it. No matter how successful you are, at one time or another you’ll fall into the self-sabotage trap, and the price of admission is high. I know, I am actually quite brilliant at self-sabotage. The impact of self-sabotage on your business […]

Are These Self-Sabotaging Behaviors Impacting your Income?

Episode 30- Tracey Osborne
Do you think you can go it alone? Do you think you can run your whole business day-to-day and still have time for creating things in your zone of genius? Brad’s been caught in that trap before and it doesn’t work. You need help, and that’s where a Virtual Assistant […]

Episode 30: Tracey Osborne

when to rebrand your business 3
When Should You Rebrand Your Business? I had the sense I wanted to rename our Path to Profit summit last fall but struggled with what to call it, when to make the change and how to communicate with my husband why I felt it was important. You see, I am […]

How to Know When to Rebrand Your Business

one page business plan creative entrepreneurs
No More Boring Business Plans! Are you a creative entrepreneur who struggles with planning because it feels like more work to make the plan than to just get the job done?I feel your pain, I resisted planning for years. And then one day I had a conversation with my financial […]

No more Boring Business Plans!

Episode 29_ Goal Setting
In another hostful episode, we talk about lots of different tips and tricks around Goals, Goal Setting, and achieving the Goals you set. Goal setting involves habits and mindset and is a muscle you need to workout! We talk about using business goals to create profit in your business, and […]

Episode 29: Goal Setting

Episode 28_ Mary Cravets(1)
Brad here … Mary is awesome because she likes Systems which means she’s cool and you should listen to her Mary shared her unique gifts with us and how she helps entrepreneurs systematize and prioritize their marketing. We talked about Mastery, sending Morro beach rocks to her clients (fun metaphors […]

Episode 28: Mary Cravets

goal setting personality 2
What is your goal setting personality? My end-of-year inbox is crammed with tips for New Year’s goal-setting. Many are feel-good, rah-rah types of messages which are fun to read, but not very helpful. I quit setting goals years ago because I couldn’t seem to follow through for more than a […]

What is your goal setting personality?