digital marketing
Want to Understand Digital Marketing? Start with Connection. When Ontrapalooza organizers invited me to speak at their digital marketing conference recently, they sent me a list of super techy topics – way more my husband Brad’s domain than mine! I showed the list to Brad and we agreed, nope, Minette […]

Digital Marketing for Creatives

We had a super-fun talk as Lisa Marie Platske returned to the podcast for a second time to set us straight about transformational leadership. She asks “How are the actions I am taking impacting/influencing or making a difference?”. We talked about how Vulnerability does NOT equal Depositioning. Lisa Marie also […]

Episode 66: Lisa Marie Platske #2

While creating new products, packages, and services is hugely important to your sales and profit potential, there often comes a point when you need to pause the creative urge and re-evaluate what you’ve already created. I am speaking from experience (and maybe channeling a little Brad in this post.) I […]

Is it Time to Re-evaluate What You are Selling?

During our recent Dream. Design. Profit. summit Minette had a flash of inspiration, magically synthesizing her thoughts on Sales funnels, Ideal Clients, and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. In this episode, we detail how you can use your own hero’s journey to not just help identify your ideal client but also […]

Episode 65: The Hero’s Journey Sales Funnel

Minette and Brad both love writing (although Minette has written two books and Brad has written none, which he secretly resents) and our talk with Lisa Tener gave great insights into the world of getting your book published. We both really enjoyed Lisa’s approach to helping people write a book […]

Episode 64: Lisa Tener

mandala coloring pages
The Healing Power of Mandalas I believe in the healing power of mandalas. My son worked for me this summer, and one of his projects was to create blank mandalas for a collaborative project we dreamed up. The mandalas were so wonderful that we decided to create a coloring book […]

The Healing Power of Mandalas

Minette and I loved the energy that Vasavi brought to this conversation. “It’s not about being famous, it’s about being relevant” was a great tweetable that came out of our discussion about going after opportunities aligned with your brand values. Vasavi is unfiltered (by her own admission) and fun to […]

Episode 63: Vasavi Kumar

Productivity, Focus, and Time Management have been on our radar a lot recently and this was a good time to share. In this hostful episode we tackle some of the real struggles we have surrounding bright shiny ideas and creative projects: how they distract us, how they are such fun […]

Episode 62: Managing Your Shiny Object Syndrome

I have had so many conversations recently with creative women entrepreneurs who are struggling with their marketing and overwhelmed by which tactics they should be using. The reason they are struggling is because they don’t have a clear picture of exactly who their ideal client is not because they aren’t […]

Struggling with Marketing? Identify your Ideal Client