gratitude The Connection Between Gratitude and Goal Setting - In our group coaching call this week, I took a different approach to getting things done. Last week we focused on the tasks and actions, we did our business plans for 2018 and our action plans for the first quarter. It was practical, useful and necessary. But today, I asked different questions that are equally […]
Content Audit 2017/2018: Data Collection - Like many creatives we can generate a lot of content … and much of the time we lose track of it because we’re off focusing on creating the next great thing. This can turn into multiple problems: time spent recreating resources that we already have resources (pdf’s, slide decks, webinars, wordpress posts and pages, landing pages, […]
Episode 71: Amy Segreti - We love finding people who are – somehow – actively aware and in tune with their body and mind. Amy Segreti models that beautifully by checking in with herself and her business and by modifying her behavior on a daily basis. She has a wonderful system of combining Purpose and Play. Listen in to this […]
Episode 70: Kimberly and Coach Culbertson - Coming to us live and in person from their back deck – and sharing the headphones between them – are Kimberly and Coach Culbertson. Minette and Brad have been wanting to get some couplepreneurs on the podcast to show other examples of couples being successful together in business, and these two are a great example. […]
How Your Negative Self-Talk is Killing Your Business - “I’ve never been good with money.” “I hate budgets.” “I’ll never be a 6-figure earner.” “My market won’t pay premium prices.” If you’ve ever heard these statements come out of your mouth—or even in your head—then you’re engaging in a damaging habit known as negative self-talk. By telling yourself these lies (and yes, they are […]
Episode 69: Tom Schwab - Want to know a way to get your message to more of the right people with less effort, all from the comfort of your home office? Would you like to build great relationships while you do that? Do a little work to get yourself as a guest on different podcasts. Podcast hosts are always looking for […]
9 Productivity Tips for Creative Women Entrepreneurs - Some people are naturally productive. I am not one of them. I struggle with bright shiny idea syndrome. I love to create but I am not always great at completion. Starting projects is more fun than finishing them. Maybe you are the same way. Some of us just don’t have productivity in our DNA. But […]
Episode 68: Gary Henson - Our interview with Gary Henson has great information for entrepreneurs wanting to grow and for coaches wanting to understand more about their craft. Gary shares his different levels of coachability, and the characteristics of an extraordinary entrepreneur. Visual Notes Bio Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Gary is a 28 year veteran of the professional business coaching […]
7 Creative Habits to Improve Your Focus - I don’t know about you, but as I go through my day, it can be tough to focus on the important stuff. There are so many distractions calling out to us – Brad popping into my office with questions, emails, meetings with clients or coffee with girlfriends, kids texting me, Facebook notifications, and much, much […]
Episode 67: Justin Krane - Justin Krane, a self-styled “Money Strategist”, joined us on the podcast to talk money and more specifically, profit. We got into floaties, National Get Your Head Out Of The Sand Day, ROL (Return On Life) and more. Huge takeaways for any entrepreneur about how to view your spending, income, and profits. Fun talk! Visual Notes […]
digital marketing Digital Marketing for Creatives - Want to Understand Digital Marketing? Start with Connection. When Ontrapalooza organizers invited me to speak at their digital marketing conference recently, they sent me a list of super techy topics – way more my husband Brad’s domain than mine! I showed the list to Brad and we agreed, nope, Minette can’t talk about any of […]
Episode 66: Lisa Marie Platske #2 - We had a super-fun talk as Lisa Marie Platske returned to the podcast for a second time to set us straight about transformational leadership. She asks “How are the actions I am taking impacting/influencing or making a difference?”. We talked about how Vulnerability does NOT equal Depositioning. Lisa Marie also outlined her multi-step process for […]
Is it Time to Re-evaluate What You are Selling? - While creating new products, packages, and services is hugely important to your sales and profit potential, there often comes a point when you need to pause the creative urge and re-evaluate what you’ve already created. I am speaking from experience (and maybe channeling a little Brad in this post.) I love to create new content; […]
Episode 65: The Hero’s Journey Sales Funnel - During our recent Dream. Design. Profit. summit Minette had a flash of inspiration, magically synthesizing her thoughts on Sales funnels, Ideal Clients, and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. In this episode, we detail how you can use your own hero’s journey to not just help identify your ideal client but also design products, services, marketing language, […]
Episode 64: Lisa Tener - Minette and Brad both love writing (although Minette has written two books and Brad has written none, which he secretly resents) and our talk with Lisa Tener gave great insights into the world of getting your book published. We both really enjoyed Lisa’s approach to helping people write a book that really aligns with them […]
mandala coloring pages The Healing Power of Mandalas - The Healing Power of Mandalas I believe in the healing power of mandalas. My son worked for me this summer, and one of his projects was to create blank mandalas for a collaborative project we dreamed up. The mandalas were so wonderful that we decided to create a coloring book that will be coming out […]
Episode 63: Vasavi Kumar - Minette and I loved the energy that Vasavi brought to this conversation. “It’s not about being famous, it’s about being relevant” was a great tweetable that came out of our discussion about going after opportunities aligned with your brand values. Vasavi is unfiltered (by her own admission) and fun to talk to about business, people, […]
5 Tips to get your Introverted, Creative, Entrepreneurial Self out the door - I’m a Creative. And I’m an Introvert. And I’m a Tech geek on top of that. And it’s hard to get me out the door to talk to actual other human beings. I watch Extroverts and natural sales people and wonder what planet they’re from. There’s a little block in my mind when I think […]
Episode 62: Managing Your Shiny Object Syndrome - Productivity, Focus, and Time Management have been on our radar a lot recently and this was a good time to share. In this hostful episode we tackle some of the real struggles we have surrounding bright shiny ideas and creative projects: how they distract us, how they are such fun opportunities but can be giant […]
Struggling with Marketing? Identify your Ideal Client - I have had so many conversations recently with creative women entrepreneurs who are struggling with their marketing and overwhelmed by which tactics they should be using. The reason they are struggling is because they don’t have a clear picture of exactly who their ideal client is not because they aren’t using the right tactics. If […]
Episode 61: Brian Piergrossi -   This week’s episode is with Brian Piergrossi, who helps people become more loving, intimate, and connected. We really enjoyed talking to Brian about how his journey of self-discovery guided his life and his entrepreneurship. Fun talk about authenticity and how important that is to business. Visual Notes   Bio Life coach and author of […]
How Do You Know if Your Business Idea is a Good One? - Creative entrepreneurs don’t lack ideas. We live in that creative thinking space Dr. Seuss describes in the quote above. I am always thinking up ideas, aren’t you? But how do you know if your business idea is a good one? First, I’m not sure who gets to decide if an idea is “good.” I would […]
Episode 60: Tony Wilkins - Tony Wilkins returns to the Path to Profit Podcast for another fun talk about Creativity, Service, and Business. Tony is a great example of someone who knows how to integrate his creative skills with his business acumen, and that is all wrapped up in a service-first attitude towards networking. There are some great takeaways from […]
How the Law of Reciprocity Impacts your Business - Do you ever get that feeling if a new concept, idea or image shows up in your awareness three times then you should pay attention? Well, the Law of Reciprocity has been showing up everywhere in my awareness the past few days. What is the Law of Reciprocity? I like the way Gary describes it […]
Episode 59: Bernadette L. Harris - So .. we had so much fun talking to Bernadette! We think that sometimes the folks doing accounting don’t get enough love for the critical function they provide in our business. Bernadette L. Harris gave us so much great information, especially her “3 S’s” for a successful business. She not only knows her business, but […]