Episode 96: Discover Your Unique Productivity Style Part 2 – The Contemplator - This is the 2nd in our 4 part series on productivity styles. In the last episode, we talked about the Commander. Maybe you see some of yourself in that style? Or perhaps you will identify more with the Contemplator. Why are we so passionate about this topic? Our own struggles Our client’s struggles Over these episodes, we want […]
Episode 95: Discover Your Unique Productivity Style Part 1 – The Commander - Woohoo, you heard our exciting news that we have renamed the Path to Profit Podcast to Structure & Flow – same fun hosts but more focused and specific content on productivity. Why are we so passionate about this topic? Our own struggles Our client’s struggles Over the next 4 episodes, we want to share with […]
Episode 94: How Structure and Flow Impact Creativity and Productivity - When we talk about Structure, what do we mean? When we talk about Flow, what do we mean? How do things like structure and flow relate to creativity? To productivity? Our last episode was a short one just to welcome everyone to Structure and Flow – now we want to talk about why we called […]
Episode 93: Big Announcement! - We are refocusing the podcast! We are super-excited to announce that we are turning the Path to Profit Podcast into Structure and Flow: The Productivity Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs     We’ll still bring you great content for creative business owners but it will now be centered on Productivity. We know that in our lives […]
Episode 92: 5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Money: Money Mindset Hacks for Creative Entrepreneurs - If you’re a creative who’s called to make an impact, serve the world in a bigger way, and you know you have a message and a vision to share that’s going to help people, you have to have money to do it. You can’t do this when you’re broke and poor and desperate, you have […]
Episode 91: 3 Secrets to Pricing Your Creative Products or Services For Profit - As the founders of the Path to Profit Academy, we’re kind of passionate about money and profit. And for this beautiful month of April, we’ll be focusing on the money so that you can begin planting new seeds of growth and prosperity. Today, we’ll be sharing three secrets to pricing your creative products and services […]
Episode 90: It’s All About The Follow-Up, with Debbie Hoffman - How many of us struggle with follow up? Perhaps you meet someone at a networking event or connect in a Facebook group, there’s this instant connection, and then the follow up fizzles before even getting started… Let’s be honest, it can be challenging to follow up well, especially when our fears or limiting beliefs take […]
Content 3 Editorial Calendars: How to Create 30 Days of Content in 30 Minutes - Have you heard the phrase “content is king”? It’s popular with internet marketers and marketing experts like me. Personally I prefer “content is queen” because really, who does all the creative work? The truth is, no matter what you call it you should have a content marketing strategy for your creative business. When you generate […]
Episode 89: Creating Real Prosperity with Penelope Jane Smith - Our podcast guest today, Penelope Jane Smith, turned $10,000 into six million dollars in real estate. She was on track to retire in prosperity by the time she was 31 years old. Then, of course, the real estate market crashed, and everything changed. So not only did Penelope lose all that money and more, but […]
Want Success in Business? It’s all about Conversations - Minette and I recently attended Digital Marketer’s Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego for 3 days of speakers, learning, and presentations by folks from all corners of the world of online marketing. Just us and 6000+ other professionals: it was excellent and overwhelming at the same time. We came away with full brains and […]
Slow Marketing Episode 88: Marketing for Hippies, with Tad Hargrave - Tad Hargrave is the man behind Marketing for Hippies and our guest on the Path to Profit Podcast today. Tad defines hippies as entrepreneurs with a sustainability, holistic health, or permaculture slant to it. Although he tried not to, Tad had a knack for marketing and now can develop oxymoronic niches that capture our attention with interest. […]
Episode 87: Are You Trying to Sell Hamburgers to Vegetarians? - I am gonna channel Seth Godin. This episode is about understanding exactly who you’re talking to. When you know who you’re talking to, you know where to find them, you know what to say to them, and all of a sudden, your marketing gets really easy. Essentially, you know who your ideal client is. Last […]
I am Loving This Marketing Trend - Hey, I wanted to stop by with a quick hello from San Diego, California! Brad and I are at a digital marketing conference called Traffic and Conversion for three days of seriously geeky talk on how to grow your business online along with about 6,000 other business owners. I have to admit it’s a bit […]
Episode 86: The Creative Entrepreneur’s 3 Biggest Productivity Challenges - As a creative entrepreneur, do you find yourself falling into the popular cult of being busy? Me too, I’m raising my hand here. In some mompreneur and blogger circles where I hang out on social media, being busy has become super trendy and popular. Being busy means that we’re clearly filling our time with something […]
Resistance 3 Ways Resistance is Killing Your Productivity - I want to talk about the connection between resistance and productivity this week. Often when we think we need better time management skills or habits, what we really need is to explore our relationship with resistance. Do you ever find yourself looking at your to-do list and feeling a. Overwhelmed, b. Terrified, c. Confused, or […]
Episode 85: Leverage: The Creative Entrepreneur’s Best Productivity Hack - The challenge for creatives is that we do too much, have too many ideas and struggle with bright shiny idea syndrome. Or we think we have to do it all ourselves, that we can’t afford support or that no one can do it as well as we can. Perfectionism and control can kill your productivity. […]
Productivity Episode 84: Slow Down to Speed Up: How to Bring More Grace & Ease to Your Business - In the second episode of our productivity month, we’re bringing you some pretty fun topics, as well as useful and valuable information around productivity. Last week we shared 3 Creative Habits to Increase Your Focus. What we’ve found in working with our own clients, and with ourselves, is that everybody wants to be more productive. […]
My Inner Critic is a Dragon - Meet my Inner Critic, the dragon. I have always been obsessed with dragons. Perhaps it began with the famous song “Puff the Magic Dragon.” Then there was the fierce dragon in Sleeping Beauty (who was actually the evil queen Maleficent.) Don’t forget the dragon in the Hobbit who was guarding his horde beneath the mountain. […]
5 Reasons Why You Should Practice With Mini Work Blocks If You Lack Focus - If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a bit you know that I’ve been on a bit of a journey with respect to my work focus. I’ve been struggling to put in consistent, focused work hours. I waffle between talking a big game about Deep Work, wasting time on Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram, taking coffee […]
Focus Episode 83: 3 Creative Habits to Increase your Focus - Welcome to the month of love and productivity, hello February! We’re super excited about this topic since we really still struggle with it as creatives, and as entrepreneurs, and our clients really struggle with it as well. There can be so many distractions around, including a lot of physical clutter which can create open loops […]
profit planner productivity Celebrating Small Victories - Do you celebrate small victories? Today I am celebrating small victories, the ones that in the diet industry they call NSVs or Non-Scale Victories. Small victories are the little things that make you feel good and help you see you are making progress, even when it feels like everything is moving slowly. It’s easy to […]
Episode 82: What to Do When You Switch Niches? with Guest Emily Levy - Marketing technologist, Emily Levy, is switching niches in an amazing way to come full circle with her passion in life—social justice coaching and speaking. She’s here to share how her previous experience really helped position her to do just this, and the right timing of it all. About 6 or 7 years ago, a leadership […]
Vulnerable Post: I can do better - Dear Creative One, It’s been an interesting 6 weeks in my world and I wanted to take a moment to share with you what’s on my mind. Early in December Brad and I attended a workshop with over 150 transformational leaders and coaches. The hot topic of conversation was the perceived industry-wide shifts in the […]
Episode 81: How to Use an Editorial Calendar to Stay On Track - This month, we talked about promotional calendars for your whole year and planning marketing promotions around what you want to create. An editorial calendar shows us how we’ll carry about the promotions, like a deep dive. You’ll begin to see the distinction between the promotional and editorial calendars as they’re two different animals from the planning […]
Episode 80: Quarterly Cadence: the Fastest Way to Build Momentum in Business - This month’s theme is business planning and in this episode we reinforce the idea of establishing a quarterly cadence – yep, 90-days – in your business to build momentum. In Episode 79 we talked about creating a Promotional Plan for the whole year and now we want to bring your next quarter into focus. Can […]