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Want to Understand Digital Marketing? Start with Connection. When Ontrapalooza organizers invited me to speak at their digital marketing conference recently, they sent me a list of super techy topics – way more my husband Brad’s domain than mine! I showed the list to Brad and we agreed, nope, Minette can’t talk about any of […]

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Episode 65- The Hero's Journey Sales Funnel
During our recent Dream. Design. Profit. summit Minette had a flash of inspiration, magically synthesizing her thoughts on Sales funnels, Ideal Clients, and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. In this episode, we detail how you can use your own hero’s journey to not just help identify your ideal client but also design products, services, marketing language, […]

Episode 65: The Hero’s Journey Sales Funnel

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I’m a Creative. And I’m an Introvert. And I’m a Tech geek on top of that. And it’s hard to get me out the door to talk to actual other human beings. I watch Extroverts and natural sales people and wonder what planet they’re from. There’s a little block in my mind when I think […]

5 Tips to get your Introverted, Creative, Entrepreneurial Self out ...