Workflow Episode 118: How You Can Manage Your Workflow to Improve Productivity - We’re always playing with that tension between structure and flow, so that we can bring the best of our findings to you – our beloved, creative community. Today we’re sharing how you can manage your workflow to improve creative productivity. How do we allow for more creative breakthroughs to emerge? Think of it literally as […]
[Monday Motivation] Are you afraid to fail? - Are you afraid to fail? I love this quote graphic that says “Don’t Fear Failure, Fear Inaction.” I’ve been seeing a lot of chatter recently in blog posts and articles about “Fail Fast” and “Fail Forward.” When uber successful business leaders are interviewed they often point out their willingness to fail and fail fast as […]
Episode 117: The Confident Productive Expert with M. Shannon Hernandez - Our confident productive special guest today really kind of rocked my world the last couple of months … Don’t you love it when you those chance encounters occur, typically when you’re least expecting it? So much fun since we met in Denver, this brilliant content marketing strategist and expert, Shannon Hernandez, is joining us for […]
[Monday Motivation] Do you remember this song by Patty Smyth? - Do you remember the song “I am a warrior” by Patty Smyth? She was a popular punk rock and New Wave artist in the 70’s and 80’s. Here is a YouTube video of the song and the lyrics if you are curious, pretty hilarious now but she was quite popular when I was in high […]
Episode 116: Is Your Morning Routine Setting You Up for Success? - You know how it goes … you wake up and reach for your phone … you wander around the house drinking coffee while you surf Facebook becoming increasingly agitated. You check your email and it’s a disaster … unfinished business from yesterday, more went wrong overnight. You vaguely remember eating some cereal. Now it’s time […]
Stronger Than Yesterday [Monday Motivation] Are you stronger than yesterday? - It’s the first Monday of September, only 4 months to go in 2018 and yet it feels like there is so much to do; so much I want to accomplish. How about you? Looking forward can you see what’s possible? Today is the day of the year where we are supposed to rest. It’s Labor […]
Episode 115: 5 Reasons Why Creative Entrepreneurs Procrastinate - If you are anything like us you have daily struggles with procrastination. We see it every day in our own work as creative business owners and it’s one of the top problems our clients share with us. There are always opportunities to procrastinate: maybe it’s that great idea you keep putting off, maybe it’s just […]
yes you can [Monday Motivation] Yes You Can - I have a challenge for you today. No matter what stage of building your business you are in, it’s easy to get stuck, to feel overwhelmed and stressed by all the ways you are being stretched. I talked about belief in last week’s article and how important it is. I know it’s easier said than […]
Just start [Monday Motivation] Just Start Already! - How creative are you feeling today? It’s a Monday. Are you facing the week with enthusiasm and fierce commitment to your goals and vision? Or are you dragging your feet into the day, longing for another latte? The first step is always a doozy isn’t it? I love this scene from Indiana Jones and the […]
Well-Structured Life Episode 114: 3 Benefits of Living a Well-Structured Life - As a creative business owner, a well-structured life for me is one that’s full of meaning and purpose – not just consistency, deadlines, and goals. All are useful and valuable, but only within the context of doing work that you love and that’s on purpose for you. If some of these foundational structures aren’t in […]
Episode 113: 3 Effective Ways to Use Technology to Improve Communication with Your Team and Boost Productivity - During my 17 years of being self-employed, I’ve had a fair amount of communication wins and mishaps. And in the last 6 years, my wonderful husband Brad, has been working beside me at home, so we’ve learned even more about communication during this time. Would you consider a few questions that have helped us in […]
Let Heart Sing [Monday Motivation] Let Your Heart Sing - Happy Monday beautiful! How are you today? Do you feel like Maria in the Sound of Music singing “The Hills are Alive…” Or more like the girls in Annie singing “It’s a Hardknock Life”? The choice is yours. Yes, we can get knocked down, overwhelmed, and frustrated by the process of growing a business. Yes, […]
Episode 112: 3 Reasons to Use Timelines to Improve Productivity - We’re excited to be really geeking out today… getting a little focused on one particular tactic that we use in our business on a regular basis to keep us organized and productive. Timelines. What are they and how do they improve productivity? To me, timelines give you a visual representation of the journey to get […]
[Monday Motivation] Show Your Work - I have a question for you: are you showing your work? I had this aha moment earlier this summer when I was looking at my numbers and realizing I wasn’t making as much income as I had planned on because I wasn’t actually offering anything for sale. I wasn’t making it easy for people to […]
Magnificence [Monday Motivation] I see your magnificence, do you? - One of my very first mentors was brilliant at seeing the magnificence and potential in her clients. She used to say, “I will hold you as powerful, no matter what, even when you can’t.” And she did. We all felt this from her and her team. Talk about lifting us up! Who do you have […]
Episode 111: Does Your Vision Statement Suck? - The other day I cracked open a marketing newsletter email and they referenced a recent TEDx talk given by Cameron Herold entitled “Your Vision Statement Sucks“. I watched it and was hooked. It was transformative. I bought the book (see the link below to ‘Vivid Vision’), read it in a couple of hours, and proceeded […]
productivity tip for creative business owners Productivity Tip: How to Bring More Fun and Play into Your Creative Business - As a Creative Business Owner, how could you bring more play and fun into your business?   This may sound like a trick question but it’s not. Asking yourself this type of question brings a fresh perspective to how you are managing your time on a day to day basis. Today’s productivity tip is to […]
[Monday Motivation] I’m so nervous, I couldn’t sleep - Months of hard work, tears, and sweat. Weeks of anticipation, connection, and service. Today is the day we officially re-open the doors of our Creative Business Accelerator after months of revamping the content and building our community. Maybe you saw our new video series “The Productive Creative” that invites people to the program. Maybe not. […]
improve focus Episode 110: 7 Ways to Improve Focus at Work - Woo hoo! This is part nine of our Nine Pillars of Productivity series, which is our longest series ever in the history of Structure & Flow. Doing happy chair dances… ? Today we’ll be sharing 7 Ways to Improve Focus at Work, especially when you work from home. If you’d like to review the previous […]
[Monday Motivation] Are you an overthinker? - This may be the one thing that is stopping you from finally reaching that sweet spot in your business. You know the spot I mean. The place where clients are flowing in and you are connected to a tribe of raving, enthusiastic fans. That sweet spot where you have all the time you want to […]
Episode 109: To-Do Lists, Productivity Apps and Getting Things Done, Oh My! - What’s the difference between your to-do list and your task list? Are you tracking your tasks as well as your time? Today in pillar eight of our Nine Pillars of Productivity series, we’re talking about the business tools that we use to keep us on task and on track. Last episode, we showed you how […]
[Monday Motivation] I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy… - You chose this crazy life of entrepreneurship. So did I, seventeen years ago. At the time Conner was 3 and Maggie was 1. I couldn’t imagine going back to work full time and I was bored out of my mind staying home full time. I was out for my walk one morning and saw a […]
Episode 108: Using Systems to Support Productivity - One of my first mentors and coaches used to tell me that systems will liberate me. I so used to resist her until the day I realized that she was right! The more systems we have in place, the fewer decisions we have to make, and the easier it is to grow and scale your […]
Brilliance [Monday Motivation] Stop worrying about your “brand”… - And start sharing your Unique Brilliance with the world. The world needs what you have to offer. Easier said than done, isn’t it, to share your unique brilliance with the world? Sharing your unique brilliance with the world is essential to your business success. In classic marketing terminology, experts talk about branding and identifying your […]
Episode 107: The Power of Planning: 7 Types of Planning that Will Increase Productivity & Profits - We hope that you are enjoying the 9 Pillars of Productivity series as much as we are! As I think we’ve shared in the last podcast, Episode 106: 5 Reasons Why Goal Setting Will Improve Your Focus and Productivity, we’ve been on our own personal journey lately to improve productivity without sacrificing lifestyle. Isn’t that […]