This may be the one thing that is stopping you from finally reaching that sweet spot in your business. You know the spot I mean. The place where clients are flowing in and you are connected to a tribe of raving, enthusiastic fans. That sweet spot where you have all […]

[Monday Motivation] Are you an overthinker?

You chose this crazy life of entrepreneurship. So did I, seventeen years ago. At the time Conner was 3 and Maggie was 1. I couldn’t imagine going back to work full time and I was bored out of my mind staying home full time. I was out for my walk […]

[Monday Motivation] I’m not telling you it’s going to be ...

One of my first mentors and coaches used to tell me that systems will liberate me. I so used to resist her until the day I realized that she was right! The more systems we have in place, the fewer decisions we have to make, and the easier it is […]

Episode 108: Using Systems to Support Productivity

And start sharing your Unique Brilliance with the world. The world needs what you have to offer. Easier said than done, isn’t it, to share your unique brilliance with the world? Sharing your unique brilliance with the world is essential to your business success. In classic marketing terminology, experts talk […]

[Monday Motivation] Stop worrying about your “brand”…

We hope that you are enjoying the 9 Pillars of Productivity series as much as we are! As I think we’ve shared in the last podcast, Episode 106: 5 Reasons Why Goal Setting Will Improve Your Focus and Productivity, we’ve been on our own personal journey lately to improve productivity […]

Episode 107: The Power of Planning: 7 Types of Planning ...

We’re back from Brad’s third time finishing an Ironman race and our mini vacation. Check out his yellow finisher t-shirt in celebration of success… So appropriate given that we’re talking about goal setting today, which is pillar five in our nine pillars of productivity series. We’re going to share with […]

Episode 106: 5 Reasons Why Goal Setting Will Improve Your ...

Some Mondays seem difficult to get started, don’t they? Last week I talked about overwhelm and how clarity is essential to eliminating overwhelm. But sometimes, even clarity isn’t enough. Or positive thinking. Or mantras. What do you do then? You have two choices: Go back to bed and get more […]

[Monday Motivation] If not now, when?

Our podcast guest, Alan Brown, is the Founder of Crusher TV and grew up undiagnosed with ADHD. Without solid study habits, he ended up engaging in high-risk behaviors such as dealing drugs to pay for college education and becoming a drug addict. Alan finally graduated with a B.S. in Economics after […]

Episode 105: Alan Brown’s Creative Strategy for Organizing Your Work ...

How are you feeling on this bright Monday? Full of possibility and anticipation for the fun week ahead? Or overwhelmed, bogged down and buried under unfinished projects? Overwhelm is the number 1 complaint we hear from our community and our clients, over and over again. What’s the antidote to overwhelm? […]

[Monday Motivation] Eliminate Overwhelm with This One Practice