In our group coaching call this week, I took a different approach to getting things done. Last week we focused on the tasks and actions, we did our business plans for 2018 and our action plans for the first quarter. It was practical, useful and necessary. But today, I asked […]

The Connection Between Gratitude and Goal Setting

Like many creatives we can generate a lot of content … and much of the time we lose track of it because we’re off focusing on creating the next great thing. This can turn into multiple problems: time spent recreating resources that we already have resources (pdf’s, slide decks, webinars, […]

Content Audit 2017/2018: Data Collection

We love finding people who are – somehow – actively aware and in tune with their body and mind. Amy Segreti models that beautifully by checking in with herself and her business and by modifying her behavior on a daily basis. She has a wonderful system of combining Purpose and […]

Episode 71: Amy Segreti

Coming to us live and in person from their back deck – and sharing the headphones between them – are Kimberly and Coach Culbertson. Minette and Brad have been wanting to get some couplepreneurs on the podcast to show other examples of couples being successful together in business, and these […]

Episode 70: Kimberly and Coach Culbertson

“I’ve never been good with money.” “I hate budgets.” “I’ll never be a 6-figure earner.” “My market won’t pay premium prices.” If you’ve ever heard these statements come out of your mouth—or even in your head—then you’re engaging in a damaging habit known as negative self-talk. By telling yourself these […]

How Your Negative Self-Talk is Killing Your Business

Want to know a way to get your message to more of the right people with less effort, all from the comfort of your home office? Would you like to build great relationships while you do that? Do a little work to get yourself as a guest on different podcasts. Podcast […]

Episode 69: Tom Schwab

Some people are naturally productive. I am not one of them. I struggle with bright shiny idea syndrome. I love to create but I am not always great at completion. Starting projects is more fun than finishing them. Maybe you are the same way. Some of us just don’t have […]

9 Productivity Tips for Creative Women Entrepreneurs

Our interview with Gary Henson has great information for entrepreneurs wanting to grow and for coaches wanting to understand more about their craft. Gary shares his different levels of coachability, and the characteristics of an extraordinary entrepreneur. Visual Notes Bio Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Gary is a 28 year veteran […]

Episode 68: Gary Henson

I don’t know about you, but as I go through my day, it can be tough to focus on the important stuff. There are so many distractions calling out to us – Brad popping into my office with questions, emails, meetings with clients or coffee with girlfriends, kids texting me, […]

7 Creative Habits to Improve Your Focus

Justin Krane, a self-styled “Money Strategist”, joined us on the podcast to talk money and more specifically, profit. We got into floaties, National Get Your Head Out Of The Sand Day, ROL (Return On Life) and more. Huge takeaways for any entrepreneur about how to view your spending, income, and […]

Episode 67: Justin Krane