This month’s theme is business planning and in this episode we reinforce the idea of establishing a quarterly cadence – yep, 90-days – in your business to build momentum. In Episode 79 we talked about creating a Promotional Plan for the whole year and now we want to bring your […]

Episode 80: Quarterly Cadence: the Fastest Way to Build Momentum ...

In our second episode of January’s Business Planning theme, we dive deep into why you should plan out a promotional calendar, what it is, and how to set it up. If you missed last week make sure you go back and listen to Episode 78 where we talk about our favorite business planning tools. In […]

Episode 79: Create Consistent Income with Your Artful Promotional Plan

We’re pretty big fans of Google’s online suite of tools here at the Path to Profit Academy. They don’t involve money and installs, the ability to share everything is built in, and there is very little learning curve. Let’s dive in a little so I can give you a taste […]

5 Ways We Use Google to Stay Organized

In Episode 78 we start our new theme for January: Business Planning! Today we’re talking about our favorite tools that we use to make our business run. We use this technology to carry out our plans and goals. Why do we love these technologies? Multiple reasons. It allows us to: […]

Episode 78: A Review of our Favorite Online Business Planning ...

All this month we’ve been on a goal-setting journey: with blog posts and podcast episodes on rating your performance this year, great reasons to do a year-end business review, goal setting traps to avoid, how to make 2018 your best year ever, and using visualization to achieve your goals. We are […]

Episode 77: 7 Best Goal-Setting Strategies for Creative Entrepreneurs

Dr. Joe Vitale, motivational speaker and author, often says: “the fastest way to get where you want is to be happy with where you are.” Believe it or not, this mindset works! And yet, it’s challenging to adopt this mindset and to maintain it on a daily basis. I love […]

6 New Year’s Tips To Help You Get From Where ...

This month we’ve been focused on the topic of Goal-Setting to get you prepared for rocking your 2018. You heard about looking back on your 2017, how to make 2018 your best year ever, and goal-setting traps to avoid … and there’s more to come before the month is over! […]

You Set Your Goals, Now What? Using Visualization and Imagery ...

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This is the second episode in our December Goal-setting series and we start diving into what it takes to make next year your best ever. Brad and Minette take you through a 5 step goal-setting process to make 2018 your most spectacular year ever: Determine your goal-setting persona – are […]

Episode 76: Make 2018 Your Most Spectacular Year Ever

Goal Setting 2
I love setting goals and planning for the New Year. It’s fun for me to take the time to dream and play with what’s possible. And yet, I used to struggle with follow up and actual achievement of my goals. As a busy entrepreneur with a quickly growing business, I […]

Goal Setting Traps to Avoid

It’s December, and that means it’s Goal-Setting Month! This episode is the first in a trio of episodes related to planning, setting, and achieving business goals. This is all about looking back at last year, goal setting for next year, achievement, and business planning Minette and Brad both agree that the first […]

Episode 75: 5 Reasons to Do a Year End Business ...