12 days of business planning
After 10 years of publishing a monthly magazine, I learned that planning was the key to never missing a deadline and to making consistent money. Sadly, it took me a year or two to realize that those same planning skills would translate nicely to my coaching business. Doh! I knew […]

12 Days of Visual Business Planning for Creative Entrepreneurs – ...

Why is it so important for us to pay attention to how we preserve printed and digital photo content? What are some good first steps towards curating a printed or digital photo collection? How can we make the task of organizing less overwhelming? These are just some of the questions […]

Episode 128: Organizing Your Photos

In this episode, Minette and Brad dive into how important giving thanks is to our productivity. Gratitude can help you stay present in the moment, enjoy what’s happening now, and be less focused on worry over outcomes Gratitude can create a powerful ripple effect in the workplace (or at home […]

Episode 127: The Connection Between Gratitude and Productivity

In this week’s episode we talk with Lisa Pezik (another Canadian!) about how to get more productive and get more done without it really taking over your life. We go deep into how our different roles as a entrepreneurs affect our productivity. It’s all about blocking time and singular focus! […]

Episode 126: Productivity Hacks from a Busy Mompreneur

We all see the world through our own eyes and the filters of our own experiences and environment … that’s natural But that’s not what our customers are seeing. Our customers are on their own journeys and they have their own reasons for behaving the way they do. If we […]

Episode 125: Are You Speaking Your Customer’s Language?

Do you ever find yourself saying… “Oh, I just don’t have a head for money,” or, “I’m really not good at this [money]?” Actually, our special guest, Ellen Rogin, has found that creatives (and yes, that means you) can be pretty darn awesome at it. Oftentimes, we’ve simply grown up […]

Episode 124: Generosity with Ellen Rogin

If you’re like most creatives, your head may be bursting with brilliant monetization and business ideas. You write some of them down; some you miss writing down and they disappear into oblivion; and some you make a start on, but never get around to completing. And some, you really want […]

[Monday Motivation] Can I Make Money Doing That?

Think about the rush you receive on Facebook when receiving tons of smiley faces, hearts, and comments on a brilliant post that you created… Or when you used to receive gold stars or cash as rewards when you were in school. We, creators, are biologically wired to receive a dopamine […]

Episode 123: Gamification and Productivity: What Games Can Teach us ...

We’re Creatives. You, Minette, Brad … we just are. And with that comes what we like to term “Bright Shiny Idea Syndrome”. It’s both a blessing and a curse of creatives to have a wealth of great ideas. We have them because we see things differently. On the Blessings side […]

Episode 122: Managing Your Bright Shiny Ideas

Hey you … yeah you! With this episode we’re lighting a little tiny fire under you to spend an extra 10 minutes doing something active. Obviously that has health benefits, but it also improves your productivity How does exercise improve your productivity? Regular exercise changes the brain to improve memory, […]

Episode 121: Exercise and Productivity